Areas of practice


Criminal Defense

The justice system is very intimidating and confusing.  The legal process can feel overwhelming as it often feels that the entirety of the legal system is taking aim at you. Our role is to step in between you and the system and to walk you through it so that you are informed and prepared to make the right decisions for you.  We are there beside you to insure that  all of your rights are observed and that you are given the absolute best representation in court.  Together, we, will navigate through the situation together.

Juvenile Law

Anything involving your child and the legal system can be the most terrifying experience you will endure as a parent. From charges against your child, to your child being removed from your care, or even you having your rights as a parent removed, we will stand with you and defend your family and your rights to be a part of that family.

Family Law

When life does not go the way you once thought it would. When you have to make the hard choices and seek a divorce or your former spouse is divorcing you. The hurt, anger, frustration and sadness alone is a lot to bear. Do not let the legal system burden you too. From divorce to custody issues, we will make your voice heard and help you get through the most difficult and uncomfortable time in your life.   


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